Shade for outdoor school functions

Shade for outdoor school functions

Hold Your PTA Meetings Outside With a Shade Canopy

Regular PTA meetings are necessary to keep a school running smoothly. When parents and teachers work together, there is a greater connection between the school and the community. For some schools, the best place to meet is outside, but it can be hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable for the group to get together during daytime hours. A shade canopy is the ideal solution, providing an area where brainstorming and planning can take place for the benefit of students, the school, and the community as a whole.

Take it Outside

The outdoors can be a great place for PTA meetings. A change of scenery can keep minds and spirits fresh and can even promote bigger and better ideas. For many groups, the thought of sitting outside in the sun is nothing short of miserable, but with GSA certified shade structures to provide a cool place to meet there is no reason to sit inside on a beautiful day.

Reduce Heat

School playgrounds and their surrounding areas can become extremely hot, thanks to the sun’s powerful rays. Asphalt and concrete can create heat islands that make it nearly impossible to stand on them, let alone gather for a meeting. A shade structure can help to significantly reduce outdoor temperatures, creating the ideal spot for a planned or impromptu meeting.

Protect Skin

Too much time outside can cause skin damage and even result in skin cancer. These days everyone knows to apply sunscreen on a regular basis, but sometimes even that is not enough to prevent UV rays from wreaking havoc. Meeting outside can be nearly impossible without some shade, since sunburns can occur more quickly than most people realize. Skin protection is essential when planning to spend an extended amount of time outdoors.

Shade N’ Net is proud to offer sun shades and canopies that come with a 10-year warranty. We know that our clients expect quality and that is what we guarantee. Let us help you set up a shady spot for your next PTA meeting.

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